Lean Manufacturing Symposium

Lean Manufacturing Techniques and Implementation Tuesday 22nd May Book now!

Event Schedule
9.30am- Hot Drinks and Registration
10am – Symposium starts
Overview of the Lean Enterprise range and applications
5S Game introduction
Showroom Tour
Questions and Answers
12.00 – End of Symposium

If any one wishes to stay on to review any specific projects they are welcome to stay on and discuss with our team

There will be a wide range of products & solutions dedicated to organisation, quality, visual management and continuous improvements:
Computer Protection: to prevent dust or liquids damaging the computers on the shop floor.
Quality Points: work stations to check quality at the end of the production line.
Lean Manufacturing: assisting the implementation of 5S/ TPM/ KANBAN processes to create a clean and efficient environment for the operator.
Visual Communicationfor displaying working procedures, drawings and safety information.
Hyginox Certified: stainless steel products for use in sterile environments such as those found in the food and pharmaceutical industries. • Training Kits: support the implementation of lean principles, ensuring all staff are trained effectively and efficiently

Lean Manufacturing Concepts and Implementation


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