Creating an efficient, productive and safe factory shop floor.

Lean Enterprise

Creating an efficient, productive and safe shop floor environment for your factory.

Ergonomic Workbenches

Workbenches with optional magnetic background for displaying work procedures or perforated tool board with magentic shadows.

Visual Communication Boards

Magnetic whiteboards to assist communication in the factory. 100s of accessories to add on including magnetic frames from A6-A0, magnetic clipboards, and multi-document holders for displaying work procedures.

Logistic Trolleys and Racking

Dynamics trolleys and roller racking solutions for transporting stock and components around the shop floor as well as on to workbenches. Optional kanban bins available with colour coding and Kanban cards.

Floor Tape and Safety Signage

Extra adhesive floor tape designed for shop floor use available in multiple colours. Great for implementing a 5S project.


Lean Office

5S desks and accessories including FIFO systems for the office.



Electronic Touch Screen Displays

To help for reporting with industry 4.0 these electronic screens are used for meetings a well as instant feedback from production.


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